Improve your game with one-on-one training.

  • Let our expert golf coaches and instructors help take your game to new levels.

  • Get a customized training program designed to achieve your personal goals and expectations.

  • All golf lessons are taught using the TrackMan 4 with video analysis.

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Start your personlized, one-on-one training today!

Start your personlized, one-on-one training today!


Train like the pros.

With the system used by 800 tour professionals.

ALL golf lessons are taught using TrackMan 4 with video analysis.

TrackMan helps improve your swing:

  • The TrackMan evaluates each individual golf swing—in real time.
  • TrackMan 4 tracks from 6 foot pitches to 400+ yard drives, pinpointing the landing position with an accuracy of less than 1 foot at 100 yards.
  • TrackMan’s immersive software displays the 3D trajectory of your shot, together with over 28 impact and ball flight parameters in real time.
  • TrackMan provides swing analysis data such as: carry distance, total distance, club speed, ball speed, attack angle, face angle, spin, and much more.


Client stories

Lorraine Smardon

“I love this place! After just a few lessons with the experts (at the beginning of last year), I was able to knock 7 points off my handicap! I’m looking forward to more fantastic improvements this season which I’m sure will come quickly after spending the winter improving my game indoors in the comfort of the Golfers Academy. Thanks to Jason and the team!”

Mihai Mocanu

“I only had one lesson with Jason Faubert and my game improved with more than 10 shots in 18 holes! I am now saving money to take a few more lessons. I will definitely try the indoor golf, simulators looked awesome!”

Alex Hunter

“Words cannot describe how good the lessons with Jason Faubert were, but my golf game can! Jason has worked with me on my complete golf game over the summer (7 lessons) and I have improved more than I ever could trying to work by myself or buy new clubs to try and improve forgiveness and reduce the effects of mishits. I have gone from shooting mid to high 90’s every game to shooting mid 80’s – yes I have improved each round by an average of 8 shots! I highly recommend anyone (low or high handicapper) to call Jason and get some lessons to work on your game. Best money I have ever spent.”


Adult Indoor Golf Lessons

At The Golfers Academy, we know that no two golfers are alike.

Which is why we personalize your golf experience to fit your needs. Our golf coaches and instructors customize your package according to your goals and expectations.

We then refine your swing naturally, making it more enjoyable.

Let our instructors and coaches fix your slice and hook, reduce your score by 5 strokes, and and 10 yards to your drive—all with our proven techniques.

Let's get started!

In order to design the best personalized program, we need to learn a bit about the type of training you are interested in as well as where you're at in your learning process.

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Junior Indoor Golf Lessons

Golf lessons for boys and girls.

Here at The Golfer's Academy, we offer several junior golf programs for kids of all ages. Programs include: junior golf lessons, clinics, after school programs, and summer golf camps.

Golf is a wonderful game! It's the only sport where each competitor is the referee, player, equipment handler, and ambassador. It's designed to teach etiquette, patience, fairness, and goodwill towards your fellow competitor. Playing golf is also a great way to meet new people.

Our junior golf programs help foster and develop all aspects of the game. They teach younger players values of honesty, integrity, and respect—both on and off the course.

In order to personalize your child's training program, please tell us a bit about him or her. Simply submit our quick Swing Analysis to get started (no commitment).

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Playing golf is great for children of all ages.

Just a few of the benefits kids get from learning and participating in golf:

  • A sport that virtually anyone can play and enjoy.
  • Minimal risk of injury as compared to many other sports.
  • Safe and positive environment.
  • Lifelong friendships are built.
  • Spend time outdoors – get back to nature and put down the video games!
  • Learn important life lessons.
  • Scholarship possibility.
  • A great way to spend family time together.
  • It’s fun!

Junior golf lesson pricing

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Instructors and coaches

Meet our team of professional golf coaches and instructors!


Jason Faubert

As owner, proprietor, and head instructor at The Golfer’s Academy, I saw the need for a high-level Golf Training Academy.

My dream was to provide a place for all students and players to learn and work on their games in a professional, positive, comfortable atmosphere, with the best technology (usually only available to professional tour players).

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Meet our team of professional golf coaches and instructors!


Danny King

As a Top 50 Canadian Golf Instructor, both my teaching philosophy and passion is about reaching every student’s individual goals.

Our programs are designed for all levels of skill, allowing each student to obtain their goals by improving all areas of the game. This includes bio mechanics and full swing technique, in addition to coaching on and off the golf course.

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Brad Petersen

As the owner of Petersen's Golf Shop, I certainly have a great love for the game. This is why I have also been a golf teacher for over 35 years.

I bring my expertise and experience to golfers of all levels, giving one-on-one lessons, clinics, and popular junior camps and programs.

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John Stankov

I head up the junior golf and fitness for golf programs here at The Golfer's Academy.

My love for golf began at the early age of 12, when I captured my first hole in one at a father and son tournament.

As a PGA Professional and graduate of the San Diego Golf Academy, I have obtained several PGA Certifications in teaching and coaching.

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Deborah Lee Eldridge

Deborah Lee Eldridge, PGA of Canada Teaching Professional.

I have been a PGA of Canada member for over 25 years, with a background as a touring professional, teaching professional, and collegiate coach.

My understanding of all levels of golf allows me to tailor my lessons to help students meet their individual goals.

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