Indoor Golf. What is it and How Accurate is it?

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Many people know it as virtual golf or screen golf, others call it indoor golf. 

The Golfer’s Academy in Burlington, Ontario has been at the forefront of the industry for almost 20 years now. We have seen first-hand the development and technological advances year after year in the industry. These days golfing on a TrackMan indoor golf simulator, is as REAL as it gets!

Professional training

Throughout the past 20 years, we have witnessed all of the advances in indoor golf. It has evolved from being known as a just a video game, to today using it to Train, Practice and Play your way to a better golf swing.

At The Golfer’s Academy we have developed our business to being known as a premier Indoor Golf Academy, rather than a noisy bar. And we pride ourselves on delivering the very best indoor golf experience around!

We realize that providing the best possible golf experience for the you is the number one objective. Whether your focus is on game improvement or just getting together with friends for fun. Trackman’s robust software and tracking is steps ahead of the competition.

The benefits of indoor golf

For competitive, or more determined golfers, indoor golf has many benefits.

In Canada, the off-season is the perfect opportunity to train, practice, and work on improving the mechanics of your swing with the aid of video and data.

The Golfer’s Academy has several high-performance coaches, allowing golfers to take advantage of high-level lessons. Those lessons in conjunction with practice sessions, has proven to reduce strokes, getting you ready for when the outdoor season re-opens.

For the individual who has never played golf or wants to learn, now is the time. It is important to select a professional venue such as ours. This will give you the accuracy and true feel of what actually happens when hitting a shot outdoors.

Used by the professionals

Over 1000 top tour professionals, club fitters, and teaching professionals use TrackMan technology for its unmatched accuracy and precision tracking. This is the primary reason we have partnered with Trackman to bring you the best possible indoor golf experience.

The TrackMan 4 launch monitor features optical and radar enhanced tracking. This is combined with superbly designed software and a mobile app package to track your progress. View your rounds and make the learning experience accessible and engaging.

Helping people improve their game and getting the most out of the technology is the core part of what we do as Burlington’s premier indoor golf facility. 

Indoor Golf with Friends

Offering the complete virtual golf experience with over 220 courses from around the world, a round of indoor golf is the perfect combination of staying active through the long cold winter months. A great opportunity to gather with friends and family for some much needed social interaction.

Playing winter golf gets you off the sofa and out staying active. Practice on your own, or enjoy a social experience playing Pebble Beach on one of our 7 simulators with friends and family.

The bottom line

Indoor golf is no longer just a video game. Today's virtual golf systems are meant to help you improve, while at the same time having fun.

We hope to see many new faces and welcome you into our family, as you have welcomed us into your home. We would love the opportunity to introduce you to the many options for staying active this winter through playing indoor golf.  Join one of our winter golf leagues, lessons, or introducing kids to the game through our junior golf program. 

The 2022/23 indoor golf season is underway and we look forward to meeting many new faces this season!