Golf Mechanics – Osteopathy and Mental Coaching – The Keys to a Natural Swing


At The Golfer’s Academy we know that in order to have a good golf swing 1. You must understand the fundamentals of the swing but 2. One must also come to understand body awareness. If technique has been achieved and something still is not connecting then there must be an alternate factor causing inconsistencies in your golf swing.

Many golfers fail to realize that a well balanced mind is equally important as a strong body to swing the golf club efficiently. Furthermore many golfers do not look deep enough to determine the root causes of the restrictions. It is like driving a car without an engine; it’s just not possible! You may have the equipment to move, but if you can’t start the car then you go no-where fast. The same principles apply in golf. Legendary Tommy Bolt famously stated: “The mind messes up more shots than the body.”

We have recently teamed up with Agata Kozlowska, an osteopathic Manual Therapist, Registered Kinesiologist, and a meditation teacher, located here in Burlington, Ontario. After almost two decades of working with individuals correcting their physical limitations, first as a Kinesiologist, and later as an osteopathic therapist, she realized that there is one more missing component to an optimal health and performance – it is the strength and calmness of the mind combined with masterful regulation of one’s emotions.

Without a doubt physical limitations pose a real challenge to a golfer – one can’t swing a club effectively when poor range of motion or pain are a constant in one’s life. Common physical challenges faced by many golfers include low back pain, stiff mid back, and poor mobility of the shoulders. Add tight neck muscles, and these can throw even the best of golfers off their game. However there is one more component that is fully within one’s control yet most often overlooked. It is the power of the mind. A strong mind, one that can manage strong emotions like a fear of failure, or anxiety, can create wonder, even if the body is not at its best.

While most top golfers train to be in great physical shape coupled with top technical skills, it is the few with the most controlled of minds that win the tournaments. Arnold Palmer famously said: “Success in golf depends less on strength of body, more on strength on mind and character.”

To achieve just that The Golfers’ Academy along with Agata Kozlowska M.OMSc, R.Kin, will be delivering….The Kenchuto Technique by working all areas of a “Natural Swing”.

So if you are a keen golfer but feel restricted by an injury, pain or lack of mental toughness when playing, there could be a proactive way to help yourself.