Improve your Child’s Golf Game During Covid

Children's golf during covid

Let us help keep your child active this winter!

With the rapidly changing landscape in Canada and around the world as it relates to COVID-19, we at The Golfer’s Academy have seen quite an insurgence of parents introducing their children to golf. And we want to help keep your child active this winter.

Indoor golf is safe, fun, and great exercise for kids of all ages and skill levels.

So today we're going to discuss how we're working to keep you and your kids safe, so that they can stay active and even improve their golf game during COVID. All while also getting in some practice for yourself!

What is The Golfer's Academy?

The Golfer's Academy began as a vision I had 15 years ago. I came to realize, as a former professional ice skater, lifelong athlete, and avid golfer, that there was a real need for a high-performance golf academy. A facility geared towards helping people of all levels of experience and skill improve their golf games—for adults and kids alike. I imagined a unique training academy. One where golfers could work to improve their games in a comfortable environment, in large rooms, and with the best technology available.

These are resources generally only available to tour-level players.

In Canada, I noticed there were very few locations to Train, Practice, and Play golf during the long, cold winter months. And so The Golfer’s academy was born!

Fast forward to 2020

We are now faced with great uncertainty in many aspects of our lives. This includes what to do to keep our children active and healthy during these times.

Fortunately, The Golfer's Academy has always been geared towards golf game improvement and fun, without the need for alcohol or food. This was a decision at the heart of my vision. To have a family-friendly environment where athletes and enthusiasts can simply work on improving their golf games, without having to go to a bar.

The Golfer's Academy in Burlington, Ontario has, and continues to be the answer to keeping our customers' kids active AND safe during COVID-19.

And because The Golfer’s Academy does not serve alcohol or food, and golf is a solo sport that makes social distancing possible, we anticipate remaining open throughout the winter. This will allow you to continue to help improve your child's golf game during COVID.

A comfortable, cozy atmosphere

You will notice upon your first visit that this is not your typical indoor-golf location. From the moment you arrive and step inside, you'll only hear the faint sound of players striking golf balls. No noisy bar environment.

As you walk down from the entrance, you may notice the faint smell of pine board. You'll see the cozy stone accents throughout. And you'll feel as if you've stepped back in time, into an old Scottish clubhouse.

Oversized rooms

Our large simulator rooms are all private, and measure an ample 20’ wide x 30’ long x 12’ high. You'll feel comfortable, relaxed, and right at home in any one of our 600sq' indoor-golf rooms. Our rooms will allow you to stay safely socially distanced, and within your own golfing bubble.

The Golfer’s Academy has also invested a great deal into keeping you safe during this time, which is our first priority.

How we're keeping you and your family safe

The Golfer’s Academy has also invested a great deal into keeping you safe during this time. And this is our first priority. We have spent over $15,000 for PPE. We now have medical-grade HEPA filters in every room, electrostatic sprayers (used to fully sanitize each room), foggers, and specialized hand sanitizing stations.

With these measures in place, you can rest assured. We have gone far above and beyond the government mandated suggestions for remaining open. We take your health and safety very seriously, and we don't want any interruptions. Keep your child active AND safe this winter!

Please see our COVID-19 information page for details about our new health and safety procedures.

Medical-grade HEPA filters in each room
Medical-grade disinfectant to sanitize every room

At The Golfer's Academy, we are continually breaking barriers within the indoor-golf industry, while delivering an experience that redefines what is possible to achieve when playing virtual golf indoors.

We look forward to seeing you and your family here at The Academy, and helping improve your child's golf game during COVID this winter!


Jason Faubert
President & CEO
The Golfer's Academy