Club Head – Speed is Not Everything


I want to increase my golf swing club head speed! I hear this statement from a lot of golfers all the time. However increasing your golf swing club head speed is NOT everything!

You can swing at 140 mph and it will not mean anything unless your golf swing sequence and moment at impact is efficient. Swinging the driver harder and harder is not going to make your ball go straight and if I'm correct, the goal is to get it in the fairway, right?
The point I am trying to get at is, a more efficient, controlled, sequenced swing that produces a higher ball speed is much better than being un-controlled. One that has a consistent swing path and a more solid impact produces a more repeatable golf swing with lower scores.

So how do you achieve this you may ask? The only way to improve your impact of the ball is through control and timing. This can be achieved through strength and flexibility which relates to controlling your timing at impact. For most people it's their BODY that limits their golfing ability.

A key element to achieve a higher swing speed is core strength and balance. Understanding that every individuals control and sequence that gets them back to impact more efficiently is different for each and golfer. Swinging hard just to swing hard will not accomplish your goals of longer/straighter drives. Swinging the club more naturally can achieve greater results of consistency and distance.

I receive emails and talk with a lot of my clients that have used my "Kenchuto Technique"who tell me how much more stable their swing has become doing my simple golf drills, and how they are hitting it 20-30 yards further with consistency in 5 lessons or less.
Don't get me wrong! I'm all about improving your golf swing club head speed but with a stable swing not one that is out of control and balance. I'm very proud when I receive these emails and know I've made yet another golfer a believer in private golf training.
So next time you see a commercial for the Speed Stik, don't run out and buy it with the intention your going to see distances go up-and-up if you have no idea what your golf sequence is. Buy it with the intention that your swing can be stronger, more stable and in a better position at impact with proper technique geared for you.

Then and only then will increasing your golf swing club head speed be a benefit on the golf course.