Balance and Your Golf Swing


Golf professionals all have different opinions on improving your golf game, but most agree on one thing. Unless you keep your balance during the entire swing, you simply cannot have an efficient swing. Keeping your balance should be easy right? If you are so tense that you are crushing your club, tensing your entire body and trying to hit the ball to hard, it's nearly impossible.

As a beginner playing golf, you're told quite often to slow down your tempo. Staying focused and hitting the ball with the centre of the club will give you a longer shot that a swing that doesn't hit at the club's centre, no matter how hard. Establishing your balance frees you to hit the ball correctly.

Keeping your head still will allow you to focus on the ball. With your eyes on the ball through take-away, this creates a foundation for keeping you balanced. It is imperative that you keep your head still which ensures a more stable spine angle during your swing. Movements or distractions that disrupt your balance mean you lose focus on the ball. Keeping your body relaxed is the key. Relaxing your muscles and body will prevent your head from moving during the back-swing. Using equipment such as TrackMan video swing analysis software helps to aid in proper stability and a faster learning environment.

Understanding that no swing is the same and your swing is your swing, you'll have to work out some of the details on your own or with the help of a certified teaching professional.

Work the most on keeping your head stable and in the same position throughout your back-swing and a full rotation including head turn through impact. Doing this will let you focus on the ball and build a more efficient stable swing.

If you can master keeping your head completely still, you'll see several problems disappear altogether. Eventually, you will find that your swing will become more powerful and consistent without thinking.

A correctly formed follow through will also mean that you can keep your balance.

Concentrating on your balance, and keeping your head still will prevent you from swinging to hard or pulling your club away. The amount of strength you put into your swing will be just right, and you'll stay relaxed and finish successfully with a smooth swing.

Enjoying a great game of golf requires balance. This isn't a quick fix, it will take time but you should start seeing improvements over time, but be patient. In almost no time at all you will be enjoying such an improvement your friends will be asking for your secrets.